Where do you need more courage?


Are you ready to birth courage?

Gaining clarity is a lifestyle and once you embark on the journey of gaining clarity in your everyday purists you birth courage. 

What sort of things do you need to take courage on?

  • making a critical decision

  • change habits

  • create a new job

  • make more money

  • learn new skills

  • ask for help

  • work with others

Before you take action on these things you have to be clear on your thoughts, plans, circumstances and experiences that may hinder you from take a step to gain clarity.

7 ways to birth courage

  • take time out to reflect on what you desire to be clear on

  • take note of exactly what you want to birth.

  • Recognise the excuses your making.

  • look at what you need to unlearn and learn.

  • Believe in your plan 

  • Make time 

  • Take action

Remember gaining clarity is a lifestyle and when you feel confused take time to reflect.

Choose to be clear everyday.