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My C Mindset Mastermind

Imagine 6 months of total change and commit to your life pursuits where you overcome distractions and obtain skills and sessions to own your lane even more.

Where do you go to learn and change regarding what you have been called to do, contents you have to develop in and changing without any apologises !

Imagine 6 months of changing and advancing in your purpose and personal pursuits.

You can see the vision, feel the weight but know more is required.

Imagine a place where you are covered, speak life and rewire your mind for change, receive and develop content, inspiration, motivation, correct negative characteristics , accountability and more. While building on Christ your Chief Cornerstone.

The mastermind will see you growing in Christ, growing into and devloping the content you have to share, owning your clarity daily and walking Changed.

Are you tired of being told how to do things, but feel rushed and need space, support and time to change while you get things done. Every one has a different process and it is important that you embrace your process and be courageous daily.

Are you ready to let go of excuses, have accountability and obtain change in your life style? Set attainable goals and manage time and efforts more effectively.

My C mindset is not replacing a gathering but empowering you in your call to connect with like minded people.

What is your C mindset? where do you want to be more aware of your calling , be courageous or confident?

ALSO INCLUDES ‘My Curve mindset’ :

Steps with Sarah - encouraging daily walks/Run routines with accountability . min of 30min - 1hr

Smoothies with Sarah - Healthy living accountability , helping you start or maintain 3 smoothies a week to 1 a day.

This is for you if:

You are ready to give your 100% and take action where required, you are willing to outsource new information to get the help and knowledge you need in your life’s pursuit’s while to completing the program.

You will not wait on me to ask if you are using the program and taking action. You understand that the program is a guideline and support system to helping you gain clarity,direction, focus and certainty.

This program offers a private facebook page for accountability and support with weekly check-ins as you complete workbooks tailored to your goals and plans.

What’s your investment ?

£100 a month / £600 one payment includes:

Private Facebook page, Goal setting, Time management, Monthly resources, Voice note check in for personal & purpose development reviews, replay of weekly sessions, Q&A

£250 a month / £1,500 one payment includes:

X 2 1:1 30 min voice sessions a month, Private Facebook page, Goal setting, Time management, Monthly resources, Voice note check in for personal & purpose development reviews, replay of sessions, Q&A

You can opt out of the program 14 days after last payment.

30 day money back guarantee if you have not evidence of no changes from the program.

**special resources and gifts, coffee/brunch meet up and guests to support your mindset**

Email will be sent to access 1:1 clarity session & private facebook group page.

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Maternity & Me Mastermind

Every Monday for 12 weeks - Be empowered, enriched and encouraged as you nurture your child and mind.

Maternity & Me is for the woman with a baby and wants to grow in her nature as a mother and lady with a vision.

You want to make the most of it and develop everyday making the most of your time with baby and after maternity! You want support and have overwhelming situations that cloud your judgement and plans. You want to create a map of how to balance your home and work life in the months and years to come. You want to make good decisions for you and your baby without guilt as they grow. You want to grow and develop yourself and self esteem and overcome more pressing issues.

The 12 week program will involve topics and discussions that help you walk in your truth and come into knowledge of more strategies you can benefit from.

Such as: The different periods of maternity leave and ways to navigate your way to a fulfilled and peace filled life.

In this program you will develop a deeper element of your worth and work ethic. Set attainable life and child care goals.

The beauty of the program is lead by your maternity needs.

SUPPORT £59 a month / £177 one time investment Includes:

- Live / Replay sessions, Q&A and accountability with private facebook page.

COACHING £109 a month / £327 one time investment Includes:

- x1 45 min 1:1 session a month , voice note check ins on Voxer

-Live / Replay sessions and accountability with private facebook page.

Program Resources included : ebook, personal planner, journal tips, goal setting and more

This is for you if , you fit in one of these categories :

1. Unsure what maternity period entails due to hearing others negative experiences. Or unsure of what it involves and what it could mean for your lifestyle and work ethic.

2. Starting or in maternity

3. Concluding your mat leave

4. Child is 1 year plus

This program is life changing and has no refund policy.


Feel free to email to ask any quetsions at

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Express yourself freely and communicate to yourself to birth courage in taking action. Explore your visual communication , love your style and gain personal clarity.

For people have said they don't like writing, drawing, speaking and it's not for them but know they need it but not sure how to start. This exercise is for everyone who is struggling to express their thoughts and visions freely. Dare to believe . If you don't like what your saying or seeing , why should others? Before you communicate with others, you must like what your saying or doing too. Win your own heart, own it before trying to win others.

MODULE 1: Wonderful writer

MODULE 2: Dare to draw; visualise

MODULE 3: Shy to speaker

MODULE 4: Spy to strategist

* All Services and products are non refundable. All purchases are brought at customers digression and are for support purposes only. *