Birthing Clarity module

Birthing Clarity module


Audio module just for you to apply daily, monthly and at anytime at your pace within your schedule.

Are you ready to wipe the slat clean and write life pursuits on a clearer space in your mind and home?

There are 4 powerful ‘C’s’ for living successfully with Clarity for your life pursuits.

You know you are here for a reason and are ready to use the right keys to overcome procrastination and define your life pursuits.

You want to get clear on where you are, what you know and what to learn. You want to have clarity in one place and be asked questions that push you to making decisions for a more fulfilled life.

Your ready to position your self to ask for help, support and learn new things.

You no long want to be in competition with people in your industry/pursuits but connect with them on life’s journey for impact.

Your ready to be courageous in every stage that is required of you, build personal and mental confidence and build new habits for consistency and focus in your lane.

Your tired of getting cluttered and confused, need simple clarity steps and accountability.

You are ready to give your 100% and take action where required, you are willing to outsource new information to get the help and knowledge you need in your life’s pursuit’s while completing the module.

Time length: 40 mins completion with workbook/ replay and download

DOWNLOAD & GET STARTED . Workbook will be sent via email after purchase.

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Release dates for Clarity Lifestyle modules made available in April at £15 each.

Need a 1:1 coaching 4 week on topic? your investment available at £100 (in store)

Birthing Confidence - April 8th

Birthing Connection - April 15th

Birthing Courage - April 22nd

Birthing Consistency - April 29th

Sarah x