“ Why I created Clarity Corner”


My call to coaching started with a passion to gain clarity in my own pursuits and make courageous decisions from starting ventures to being an effective individual and using my God given abilities to encourage, help and support ladies to take the action they were holding back on. I began creating my own clarity corner over 5 years ago visually, mentally and verbally and the rest is history. I started a woman’s empowerment blog around 4 years ago which Clarity Corner sprung out of, called A Ladies Heart, which is a wider platform to reach the masses and is empowering women international on their personal purposes.

I worked within the educational sector, but didn’t feel the calling as I did before I started to pursue it further, though I loved working with teenagers, I wanted to be home with my kids more often without being too tired and busy. I believer everything serves a purpose and in my time of shifting my commitments and strengthening my God given insights, heart for teaching and support abilities I accepted to walk away from trying to be a title and just be all God created me to me in every season. Unashamed and uncluttered. As a design junkie I keep creating my content, work within my community and local businesses.

To me Clarity Corner is a lifestyle I cultivate daily and would love to help you do the same. I know what it is like to have to make a decision but are unsure due to many other thoughts, desires and demands. You want a place to get clear on some things and learn how to take action effectively. You have the dreams and visions and want to outline your commitments and process to overcome confusion.

My mission

is to help you

  • develop courage, commitment, confidence and consistency in life’s pursuits

  • gain clarity in life’s pursuits

  • make clarity a lifestyle also


  • Clarity is a lifestyle

  • Time online matters


It is the main tool for making decisions and creating new habits for a successful future.


I have been an introvert and in my corner moments I began to take time to work on myself and be more extrovert. Corner moments help you set the pace you need to live out your dreams.

Also, Everything that holds together have a corner (excluding a circle), a scared space to write, draw and think are expressed from a small corner in a room. It’s the perfect place to gain clarity and be yourself.


I’m a Wife, Mother and Mentor with over 8 years experience in the public and christian community. A designer at heart and I’m always ready to eat a sweet treat.

So now you know about me and Clarity corner, there is a program with your name on it here . Send me an email introduce yourself here and where Clarity Corner can best serve you.

I look forward to working with you,

Sarah Utsaghan | Clarity Corner Coach